Race Rules




art. 1 Organisation.
The amateur sports association Ultrabericus Team, affiliated A.S.I., in collaboration with the Associazione Nazionale Alpini sections of Vicenza and Valdagno, organizes the seventh edition of the ultra trail running race, long distance run in natural environment, called Trans Havet of which will take place Saturday, July 21, 2018.
art.2 - Acceptance of the rules
Trans of Havet will be held in accordance with this rules, and any amendments and notices that will be published in the official website www.transdhavet.it and on the official Facebook page Trans D'Havet.
The participation to the Trans Havet means the acceptance in all its parts and unreservedly of this rules.
Athletes are also required to comply with traffic rules in force, especially in sections where the route crosses the ordinary roads, which will not be closed to vehicular traffic.
By registering each entrant agrees to comply with these rules and releases the organizers from any responsibility or liability for any incident or accident, for damages to people or things to him or derived to him or self-caused, that may occur during the event.
art. 3 Races.
Running race in natural environment, which crosses through trails, paths and dirt roads the chain  of the Piccole Dolomiti of Vicenza, from Piovene Rocchette (VI) to Valdagno (VI). The course takes place on trails with classification of the Italian Alpine Club T (turistic), E (hikers), EE (for experienced hikers), at an elevation between 250 m 2250 m. above sea level. On the same course there will be two races:
- Ultra distance of about 80 km with elevation gain of about 5500 meters, starting at 0.00 a.m. on 21.07.2018 from Piovene Rocchette (Vi) and finishing in Valdagno (Vi), this race is included in the international I.T.R.A. calendar and it is qualifying for I.T.R.A. points;
- Trail Marathon, of about 40 km with elevation gain of about 2500 meters, starting at 9.00 am on 21.07.2018 from Passo Pian delle Fugazze (Tn) and finishing in Valdagno (Vi), this race is included in the international I.T.R.A. calendar and it is qualifying for I.T.R.A. points.
art. 4 Participation.
The competition is open to all people, men and women, of 20 years of age or over on the year of the race, in possession of medical certificate attesting the fitness for competitive athletics (DM 18.02.1982 tab. B) valid on the date of the race whether they belong to clubs or sports federations or none of them and complying with one of these conditions that must be declared at registration:
- members of A.S.I. Associazioni Sportive e Sociali Italiane;
- members of F.I.D.A.L. Italian Athletics Federation;
- free non members athletes.
There are no limitations in the acceptance of competitors in relation to their technical skills, but since the course includes many passages in altitude and conditions can be very difficult (night, wind, cold, rain or snow), a thorough training, a good hiking experience and a real capacity of personal autonomy are indispensable. Before entering the Trans Havet it is therefore strongly recommended to have participated to some other ultra trail in alpine environment.
art. 5 Semi-selfsufficiency.
The race is semi-selfsufficiency on food and water. Some aid stations will be supplied with food and drinking water. In no aid station there will be plastic cups available, competitors  must carry their own cup or other container suitable for drinking. At the start and at the exit from all aid stations each runner must ensure to have the minimum amount of water expected as mandatory equipment and sufficient food reserve that will be needed to get to the next aid station. Personal assistance along the way is prohibited. Personal assistance is allowed only in the spaces reserved by the organization near the official aid stations. It is forbidden to be accompanied on the course by another person who is not duly registered.
art. 6 Entry registration.
Registration will open on March 19, 2018 and close on 13 July 2018. Anyway entries will be closed when a total of 600 entries for Ultra and Marathon together will be achieved. The organization reserves the right to award wild cards at its discretion, also exceeding the maximum number of entries allowed.
Entries must be made online with payment by credit card through the appropriate link on the official website of the race www.transdhavet.it that will be linked to the entries management site iscrizioni.wedosport.net.
Copy of a valid medical certificate must be uploaded before 13/07/2018 on the website iscrizioni.wedosport.net, with the same login credentials utilized for the entry registration. In the event that a competitor does not provide the medical certificate the bib shall not be delivered and the competitor will not take part in the race, without the right to any refund of the registration fee. Registrations and deliveries of medical certificates at bib distribution or race start are not accepted.
art. 7 Registration Fees
Registration fees are as follows:
from 19.03.2018 to 15.05.2018 € 75,00 for the Ultra and € 45,00 for the Marathon;
from 16.05.2018 to 13.07.2018 € 85.00 for the Ultra and € 50.00 for the Marathon.
The registration fee includes all services described in these rules, the buffet at the finish, with all the assistance, the race refueling, transport with shuttleservice from the base to the race start and return transport in case of withdrawal. No commissions will be applied to online registrations.
art. 8 Remboursement of registration fee.
In case of withdrawal, the refund of the registration fee is not due in any case, nor the bib transfer to another person, nor the transfer of the registration to a further edition.
art. 9 Mandatory gear.
By registering each runner endorses the commitment to bring with him all the mandatory material listed below throughout the whole race, upon disqualification. The mandatory material may be controlled at bib distribution, at the start, at any unknown location along the course and at finish.
Mandatory material:
- Bottle or other container with at least 1 liter of water,
- Working headlamp with extra backup batteries,
- Survival blanket,
- Whistle
- Windjacket suitable for bad weather conditions in high mountains, minimum weight of 200 grams,
- Long pants, minimum knee lenght,
- Long-sleeved shirt,
- Hat or bandana,
- Personal cup of minimum capacity 150 cc (wide capped bottle is valid as a cup).
Strongly recommended material:
- Trail running shoes,
- Phone (enter the number of rescue organization, do not mask the number and do not forget to start with a fully charged battery)
- Course map published on the race website,
- Warm clothes indispensable in case of cold weather expected,
- Adhesive elastic band suitable for a bandage or strapping.
The 1 liter container of water should be full at the start and at exit from aid stations.
The competitor wishing to use the sticks should carry them with him for the whole race.
art. 10 Bibs
Each bib is handed out individually to each participant upon presentation of a valid identification document with photo. The bib can not be delivered in the absence of a copy of the medical certificate.
The bib must be worn on the chest or the stomach and always be made completely visible throughout the whole race. It should be positioned over any clothing and in no case fixed elsewhere. Before the start each competitor must pass through the entrance gates to the enclosed starting area to be registered. When passing at a control point and at the finish competitors must ensure that they were properly recorded. This registration is indispensable as the check between two successive controls allows to ascertain that there are no missing competitors. In case of failure to register the passage and the subsequent start of the research of the competitor, any costs arising will be charged to the competitor himself. The bib is the pass required to access the shuttles, buses, aid stations, showers and so on.
art. 11 Security and medical assistance.
At all aid stations there will be a point of rescue call. These points are connected via radio or telephone with the race director. In the race area there will be ambulances, civil protection staff and medical staff.
The rescue posts are intended to provide assistance to all persons in distress with all the resources of the organization or through affiliated organizations. The medical officers are authorized to suspend the contestants judged unfit to continue the race. Rescuers are allowed to evacuate with all the means at their convenience the competitors judged in danger.
In case of necessity, for reasons that are in the interests of the rescued person, at the sole discretion of the organization, official rescue service will be called, this will take over the direction of operations and put in place all appropriate means, including 'helicopter. Any costs arising from use of these exceptional means will be borne by the rescued person in accordance with regulations and laws in force.
A competitor who appeals to a doctor or a rescuer submits himself to his authority and undertakes to comply with its decisions.
art. 12 Checkpoint and aid stations.
The registration of competitors is carried out at all checkpoints or aid stations. Only the runners carrying a visible bib have access to aid stations.
On the official website of the race www.transdhavet.it a course map will be published, in this map  aid stations and rescue points will be indicated. Random checkpoints will be placed in other locations elsewhere than aid stationst. Their location is not communicated by the organization.
art. 13 Maximum time allowed and hour barriers.
The maximum time for the Ultra is 23 hours. The maximum time for the Marathon, for the entire route, is 14 hours. The cut-off times of departure from the main checkpoints (timer barriers)  will be defined and described in the course map. These barriers are calculated to allow participants to reach the finish line in the maximum time imposed, including any stops (rest, meals, ...). To be authorized to continue the event, competitors must leave the checkpoint before the time limit set.
Otherwise they will be disqualified and the bib withdrawn. The competitor wishing to continue without bib, out of the race, will assume all responsibility for the consequences that might occur.
In case of bad weather conditions and / or for security reasons, the organization reserves the right to terminate the race in progress, delay the start, change the path, change the time barriers or cancel the race without prior notice.
art. 14 Dropouts and returns.
In case of abandon of the race along the way, the competitor is obliged to communicate his withdrawal registering himself as withdrawn at the radio point of the nearest checkpoint, the organization will take charge of his return from the checkpoint to the race base in Valdagno (Vi); the return of withdrawn competitors from outside the checkpoints is not guaranteed, except in case of an accident. In case of failure to notify a withdrawal and the subsequent start of the research of a competitor, any expenses arising will be charged to the competitor himself.
art. 15 Penalty - disqualification.
Competitors who are found not in possession of even a single element of the mandatory material will be immediately disqualified, without any possibility of appeal on this penalty. The irregularities received by the organization also through video images after the race, may result in disqualification. The Jury as defined in art. 17 may disqualify a competitor in the event of a major violation of the race rules, in particular:
- bib worn in a non-conforming way,
- bib exchange,
- failure to pass a checkpoint,
- lack of part or all of the mandatory material,
- use of a means of transport,
- leaving a checkpoint after the time barrier,
- doping or refusal to submit to a doping control,
- failure to assist a competitor in the event of difficulties,
- use of personal assistance outside the points allowed,
- abandonment of his material along the way,
- ailure to comply with the ban to be accompanied on the course,
- abandonment of waste on the route,
- pollution or degradation of the site by a competitor or a member of his staff,
- insults, rudeness or threats against organization members and volunteers,
- refusal to be examined by a doctor at any time of the race.
art. 16 Complaints.
We accept only written complaints within 30 minutes after the posting of the provisional results, with a deposit of € 50.00.
art. 17 Jury.
The jury is composed of:
- the race director,
- the course director,
- the safety responsable,
- by the organisation staff eventually involved and asked to partecipate by the race director.
The jury is empowered to act at a time compatible with the requirements of the race on all disputes or disqualification occurred during the race. The decisions are final.
art. 18 Amendments to the course or the hour barriers - race cancellation.
The organization reserves the right to modify at any time the course or the position of the aid stations, without prior notice. In case of bad weather or for other reasons not depending from the organization and such as to endanger the safety of the competitors, the start may be postponed or canceled, the coirse can be changed and reduced, the race may be stopped at any point of the track.
The above changes will be made by the jury, after the consultation with the heads of security and the medical team.
The amendment, suspension or cancellation of the race will not entitle competitors to a refund of the registration fee.
Article 19 Course map.
The topographic map of the course, in its latest edition, will be available on the official website of the race www.transdhavet.it. Cmpetitors are invited to download and print. In it there will be practical information such as the time barriers of the checkpoints and the route description. Any updates to the map of the route will be published on the official website www.transdhavet.it. No paper copy of map will be delivered with the bibs to competitors.
art. 20 Insurance.
The organization subscribes liability insurance for the duration of the race. Participation is under the full responsibility of the competitors, who renounce to all recourse against the organizers in case of damage and further consequences which may occur as a result of the race. At the time of registration competitors must sign a waiver of release of responsibility.
art. 21 Results and awards.
Only competitors who reach the finish in Valdagno and will record the arrival will be included in the ranking. Every ranked competitor will be awarded a "finisher" prize.
A general classification men and women for the Ultra and a general classification men and women for the Marathon will be drawn. Trophies and local products will be awarded to the top five male and top five female classified in each race (Ultra and Marathon).
There will be no cathegory prizes, onnly for the Ultra race cathegory winners will be mentioned in the ranking, the categories are as follows: junior (year of birth 1998-1996), senior (year of birth 1979 -1995), veterans 1 (year of birth 1969-1978), veterans 2 (year of birth 1959-1968), veterans 3 (year of birth 1949-1958), veterans 4 (year of birth 1948 and earlier).
A trophy in memory of Oriano Dal Molin will be awarded to the first man and the first woman of the Ultra race to pass at Mount Novegno aid station.
A trophy in memory of Cristina Castagna will be awarded to the first man and the first woman of the Ultra race to pass at Fraccaroli hut at Carega summit.
art. 22 Image rights.
Each entrant waives the rights to use the image during the raceas well as waives all recourse against the organization and its partners enabled, for the use made of his image.
Updated 14.03.18.
Any changes or amendment to this race rules will be reported in the official Facebook page Trans D'Havet.





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